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  Build a School International (BASI) is currently building up schools in rural Laos.  Located in Southeast Asia, Laos is one of the poorest countries in the world as a result of war, lack of opportunity and economic resources.  We work with the local Lao community members to purchase and install playground equipment, provide school supplies and sporting equipment, and to fulfill the educational needs of children in Laos.  

Build A School International, NFP (BASI) is an Illinois not for profit that raises money to fund micro projects that build up scholastic programs and enhance children’s lives in the US and worldwide.  We focus on projects involving community volunteers to streamline costs and provide maximum impact with little overhead.  To date, BASI has built playgrounds, provided school supplies, musical instruments, sports equipment, food, clothing and smiles to schools, orphanages and communities locally and abroad.  Join us today and donate to BASI!  As we like to say, “It doesn’t take much to make a big BASI impact!”


  Our mission is to build up schools in all countries and communities of need.  It doesn't take much money to make a difference. Donate any amount today from as little as $5 or as generous as $500 to help build a future for children everywhere.

Latest BASI news

  Two schools in Laos now have new playground equipment, school supplies, and sporting equipment thanks to the charitable donations to BASI!  Our events draw generous and enthusiastic attendees.

BASI has also funded food, clothing and schools supplies to an orphanage in Kenya!

In addition BASI purchased school uniforms for a southside Chicago Public School.

BASI is currently looking to fund a project in the Dominican Republic as well as more local projects at Chicago Schools and suburbs.  Look out for more BASI Impact Projects to come.


 Thank you for your contributions!  


  We look forward to seeing you at our annual golf outing and other events to be announced!

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